Our Story

The Jaksquatch Story

Get above your plateaus

Jacksquatch started almost a year ago in April 2022. We (Vinnie and Lakota) met doing construction. We both regularly work out. One day we were talking about different preworkouts to take. During the pandemic, everything became so expensive, and it dawned on us that it would be far more cost efficient to buy in bulk the primary ingredients in preworkout and make it ourselves for our own workout routines. Our first order was for $100 and we only ordered the raw ingredients, no flavor or anything. After several iterations and getting something a little bit more palatable to the taste, we then began making our own formulations, and it sort of grew from there. It then snowballed as a lot of the people we work out with became curious to try our formulas.

We’re committed to the highest quality with real-time customer feedback

We then had a solid group of friends that we were able to test our formulas with and gain real time feedback. At the time we were testing 4 or 5 formulations as we sought out to develop the perfect recipe. In gaining feedback from our peers, we then were able to dial in a few recipes that were much more refined. Along the way we were able to cut a lot of ingredients out and through multiple iterations we have the formula that we have today.

An innovative packaging for easier consumption

We also learned that the container in which people consumed preworkout was also extremely important. The current norm for all brands in the industry have a very inconvenient and clunky way of using the product. In studying this, we developed packets that are designed for one-time use, making our product consumable for someone who is on the go and on their way to the weight room. This also enhanced the shelf life of our products as the packages are never opened until they are ready to be consumed allowing a shelf life of 2-3 years. On the flip side, a big tub of preworkout out only has a shelf life of a few weeks at best.

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